Reiki has become a widely used method of treatment which provides you with feelings of peace and contentment. It is a simple and natural treatment designed to enhance the flow of energy through your body.

Some of the conditions that appear to benefit from Reiki include fractures; immunity challenges; stress reduction; headaches; emotional challenges; pre and post surgery discomforts.

Reiki massage has been significantly researched by the scientific communities in recent years and now many hospitals offer the ability for a patient to receive treatments by a Reiki practitioner. It is also of value and offered through Hospice programs.

Reiki massage is a healing modality based on the “laying on of hands” (although absentee healing is also possible) and a practitioner has been attuned to be the instrument (conduit) of Life’s Universal Energy. Although we attune practitioners this Universal Energy is accessible by all, the attunement (to me) simply affords a deeper connection and awareness.

I am a student of the Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho discipline and obtained my Reiki Master attunement with Mary Carol Webber.

Explore Reiki for yourself and consider the experience for wellness. Reiki is wonderful for your pets also.

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