Shamanism as practiced by Graham Connolly


Shamanism is based on the practices of indigenous cultures and includes spiritual guidance and consultations alongside the use of healing tools that are based on Nature and our ability of communication with the ethereal realm.

Some of the conditions that may benefit from shamanic healing include soul retrieval; pattern extraction; divination of root cause for a lack of wellness; trauma release; past life regression; energy cyst removal; personal empowerment and a reconnection to your own power animal.

Shamanic healing is a modality that originates with our indigenous cultures yet it is becoming more and more popular with the Western communities. The premise is that a practitioner is able, with the assist of their power animals (or totems) and those in the unseen realm, journey out of their body on behalf of the client. There is the belief (or knowing) that all of health and wellness aspects originate within the energy field of life. When an individual experiences trauma there is an energetic aspect that is addressed. The shamanic practitioner has the ability to discern these subtle energy vibrations that may be disconnected (soul retrieval); those vibrations that are part of your auric field that are not of your origin and which may benefit from being transformed; and also those that you may have brought with you from a previous life.

A shamanistic healing is typically facilitated with the aid of a drum beat (or other spiritual instrument) and journeying to Spirit to facilitate healing and wellness. The practitioner will connect with Nature and Spirits of the animal kind (typically).

Shamanic Consultation

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