Tarrassa Holistics Consulting, owned and operated by Graham Connolly, is dedicated and committed to the personal development of you as an individual. In addition to personal development there are offerings in spiritual consulting with wellness aspects of energy healing, workshops, mediumship readings and mentoring. I am sure when you peruse this site and read my background of also having had a 30+ year career in electronic microchip design you will be surprised. Yet that is also the true uniqueness of Tarrassa Holistics – a solid Corporate engineering mind and a metaphysical passion that has been blended through the years. We are currently located in Raymond, ME

Great Pyrenees PuppyThe name Tarrassa Holistics was chosen to honour a Great Pyrenees puppy named Tara (after the village of Tarrassa in the Pyrenees Mountains of Europe). Unfortunately she died as a one year old with a heart defect but in that timeframe her character taught her family much, even being pack leader of a male Akita that was funny to watch. Kyo, the Akita would bark from the basement to get our attention for assistance when Tara would tease him by not letting him pass to go outside to the bathroom.

Graham Connolly, Tarrassa Holistics

Graham Connolly is a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, and certified Cranial Sacral Therapist (CST I & CST II) with the Upledger Institute. The shamanic practice was built upon graduation from the original 2-year Apprenticeship and Advanced workshops with Evelyn Rysdyk and Allie Knowlton of Spirit Passages (Spirit Passages website). During that 2-year program techniques learned included power animal connection, pattern extraction, soul retrieval, experiencing the death process and leading souls to the Light of God (or whichever deity you choose to express that Divine presence or guidance).

In terms of mediumship Graham has followed the path to validate Continuity of Life and is credentialed as a Certified Medium with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC). Other credentialed certificates with NSAC include Ordained Minister, National Spiritualist Teacher and commissioned healer.

Graham prioritizes the spiritual and secular welfare of mankind. Consequently being of service to the community is paramount. He is also very involved with the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF) and gets to meet many excellent workers of Spirit from around the world. He has also worked with, and experienced healings, from shamans of Ecuador and Peru.

Why Tarrassa Holistics Consulting?

With the blend of the Corporate and metaphysical there exists a legitimate balance between two diametrically opposed paradigms to support an individual in their personal growth. In addition Graham has experienced in his life many of the challenges that we experience in life – loss of family members and pets; loss of job; self-doubt and more. He has developed the skills and knowledge to have the Universe work on his behalf to manifest positive experiences and new opportunities.

So if you are experiencing:

  • Loss of relationship (job, partner, family member or pet death)
  • Depression, anxiety, self-doubt and similar limiting beliefs
  • Lack of stress management capability
  • Financial or housing challenges
  • Lack of fulfillment

and you wish to initiate changes so you can lead a more fulfilled life then contact us to chat about options. Call (207) 655-6673 or email today.