Mediumship and All Things Metaphysical – 7 CD Set + Bonus!

Do you have an interest in exploring the realm of psychic (and mediumship) development; the human energy field interaction with the Universal energy around us; and other aspects of metaphysical studies? Our brand new 7 CD set contains 7 specific modules addressing such topics. The set is structured in a narrative manner of anecdotes, history, definitions, helpful tips, exercises, visualizations, suggested assignments and bibliographies that are based on Graham’s life experiences. His education in mediumship and healing within the spiritual development community is varied and respected.

Many individuals intuitively are aware of “unexplained” things and may just be embarking upon a path of learning. This CD set is structured in a manner that first of all introduces you to the concept of the human energy field. From that starting point we progress you through Chakras, through grounding, spirit definitions and on into the realms of mediumship. After defining mediumship with all of it’s facets other related energy techniques relating with Nature are offered for exploration.

The Mediumship and Metaphysical Modules include:


  1. Energy 101
  2. Chakras
  3. Protection, Grounding and Personal Symbolism
  4. Spirit guides and the Mechanics of Spirit Communication
  5. Mediumship: A History and Definitions Overview (mental and physical mediumship)
  6. Inspirational/Automatic Writing, Remote Viewing, Psychometry and Life Records (current, past, Akashic and future lives)
  7. Nature Spirits, Shamanism, and Communication with Nature Elements

and a Bonus CD!

Would you like to hear samples from these CDS?

CD2: Chakras – Root Chakra Description:


CD2: Chakra Balancing Visualization


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“Graham Connolly is an intelligent and intuitive human being. His experience as a psychic medium, speaker, teacher, and shaman is combined with kindness, gentle curiosity, and mild playful humor. The result is a man at the pinnacle of an ability to help other people explore their own being with surprising and satisfying results.”

~ Sandy Whitmore

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