Our CDs

We have recorded audible CDs to help you with your spiritual journey.

Mediumship and All Things Metaphysical

Do you have an interest in exploring the realm of psychic (and mediumship) development, the human energy field interaction with the Universal energy around us, and other aspects of metaphysical studies? Our brand new 7 CD set contains 7 specific modules and is structured in a narrative manner of anecdotes, history, definitions, helpful tips, exercises, visualizations, suggested assignments and bibliographies that are based on Graham’s life experiences and his education in mediumship and healing with the spiritual development community.

Click here to learn more about our Mediumship and All Things Metaphysical CD set.

Our Meditation CDs

Meditation or guided visualization is a great tool for you to use to enhance your spiritual connection with the world and an added benefit is that it reduces stress. There are many forms of meditation to practice and it is an individual preference.

I currently offer two CDs to help you meditate your way to wellness.  Click to obtain our Meditation CDs.