Life Coaching

Quote from Jim Rohn

As we grew up we were encouraged to get a good education, then a good job, and are told if you work hard at that job you will be rewarded based on your effort. During that path however we may only focus on a handful of items, predominantly those items that help us progress in our career such that we can financially support our family and lifestyle. The majority of us (98%) will not earn that fiscal fortune and even though we may earn a good salary (living) we may be feeling a significant lack in our life or worse still be in a job that we dislike and simply go to it to “pay” the mortgage.

Life Coaching by Graham Connolly

But what if “fortune” is broadened beyond simply fiscal to include the spiritual, the relationships in our lives, the experiences we have had, the feeling of abundance and value that we share with community. I suggest that if we were to expand our paradigm then we do become more “fortun(e)-ate”.

As we work on ourselves we also develop more skills that in turn puts us in position to earn more money and perhaps one day, own a fiscal fortune. More importantly we develop more inter-personal skills that lead us to a harmonious, balanced lifestyle that is permeated through and through with joy and happiness.

So how do I know if I am in that category of being fortun(e)-ate :

  • Identify areas of your life that you feel gratitude for (Count Your Blessings)
  • Evaluate yourself, as brutally honestly as you can, in various categories of your life
    • Work, family, community, socialnetwork
  • Gain knowledge that develops you academically but more importantly personally
  • Identify personal character traits and skills that you feel are strengths and weaknesses
    • Identify individuals present or past that you respect and admire, giving thought to your choices. Do you currently have those traits as part of your personality?
  • Review your current position in life
  • Create a bucket list or areas that you seek to develop further
  • Seek out a mentor to work with or a life coach

Becoming self-aware enough to broaden your outlook is not easy. I am a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and will work with you to help you become more than you are. Give me a call at (207) 655-6673 or email me and let’s setup an appointment.