Spiritual Consulting

Spiritual consultations are based around your personal development as an individual by exploring what you feel may need changing in your life. It is targeted at spirituality. During this process I may be utilizing intuitive skills, my connection with Spirit, Infinite Possibilities concepts, meditation and thought provoking coaching to guide you to go deeper into yourself. I am an individual who has gone through many of the same experiences as others seeking a positive lifestyle and acquired tools that has brought positive shifts, abundance and peace into my soul.I also have over 15 years of experience in personal development in both the Corporate engineering and spiritual consulting arenas.

As an example, for myself at 18 I had a near fatal car accident in England, a week unconscious and 10 weeks in traction that had me not getting the grades to go directly to University or join the Royal Air Force (my original career path choice). Eventually (in 1984) I fulfilled my dream to come and work and live in the USA. My trade was as a microchip designer and I had obtained a Master’s in Microelectronics and had an awesome 30+ year career in electronics. This was accomplished by learning to have faith in myself, exploring who I was, my values, what resonated with me and setting goals and during that path I developed many spiritual tools that naturally opened me up to a brighter life possibility.

If you are:

  • Feeling stuck, uninspired or in a rut
  • At a time in your life where you are considering life changes and seeking clarification
  • Simply wishing to develop your own intuitive skills and to gain more confidence in what you can accomplish
  • Asking yourself the question “what is my purpose”
  • Looking for more meaningful and deeper relationships
  • Wishing to live life deliberately and authentically
  • Needing to be attracting positive and abundant circumstances into your life

then consider contacting me to discuss options.

It has been my great privilege and good fortune to receive spiritual guidance and instruction from Graham Connolly. Being in Graham’s presence is always an inspiring experience. His gentle and intimate way of conversing puts one immediately at ease allowing one to drop any defenses and drink in the many pearls of wisdom Graham so casually and eloquently intersperses into the conversation. His natural sense of humor is delightful and makes whatever topic he is presenting more memorable and easily retained. Graham Connolly is authentic and he is the real deal! Take any and every opportunity offered to hear this talented psychic, and gifted medium, educate on any metaphysical topic and you will have a mind expanding experience! Guaranteed!

– SVFT- from Scarborough, Maine