Psychic Medium

Psychic Reading Options

As a psychic medium I can do appointments in person or by phone, with an individual or group and in 30 minute increments for the private readings. The group psychic parties or circles vary in length based on the size of the group or function. I am trained and certified as a medium, via examination and affidavits attesting to the message validation,  so my method of communication is to bring in loved ones from Spirit to validate that Life is continuous. It would be my honor to help you communicate with a loved one that has passed.
Psychic Medium

Psychic vs Mediumship

There is a phrase amongst Spiritualists: “All Mediums are Psychic but not all Psychics are Mediums”. As a medium there is the ability to bring in messages from Loved Ones who have passed to Spirit. These mediumship messages may also include psychic symbolism but are typically geared to validating Continuity of Life. Descriptions of the individual, relationship, calendar of events, personality are characteristics that may be provided. When in psychic mode we get messages from our guides typically as a symbolic picture (ie. an eagle flying above the canyon may be interpreted as Spirit soaring or a desire of freedom).


“Hi Everyone, I just wanted to send an update on my dad. Last Thursday was week 3 since Graham gave me my reading in class and said “3 weeks, everything will be answered.” Well, Thursday my dad had a busy day. In the morning we had a Gould assessment to see if Dad qualified for Assisted Living Maine Care to help pay, he qualifies………….. (rest of personal commentary removed for privacy)
~ Charlotte P. Bangor, ME


I was trained and certified as a medium to bring in loved ones from Spirit to validate that Life is continuous. Then the reading will shift to gain information from the Spirit expression of Life that is comforting, positive, healing and has possibilities to give clarity for your life. Many call it a gift but it is actually an innate part of ourselves that we all have access to. I also teach others how to tap into this gift.

Mediumship services include:

  • Private Readings (including phone readings)
  • Group Circles/Home Psychic Parties
  • Special Events or Fundraisers
  • Mediumship Development Classes/Workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Lectures and Speaking Engagements relating to Spirit Communication

As part of my contribution to community I offer “Pay Forward” events to charities or individuals depending upon the cause. Feel free to contact me to discuss such an event.

I took Graham’s Mediumship 101 last spring. In that class Graham talked about spirit in a way that made me feel that spirit is right next to me, always, and ready to communicate with me.  Graham led our class through different exercises that were amazing. When the class was over I walked away with the confidence in myself and my skills to know that I can communicate with spirit. With this knowledge and new confidence, my life is calmer and more peaceful.  I feel that spirit and my higher power have my back and I can be present, without worry, and enjoy my life.

~ Julie 


  • Private readings $55 for 30 minutes, $100 for 60 minutes
  • Message circles and psychic parties are negotiable based on distance to travel, number of attendees and timeframe

For phone consultations the cost of the call is on the client, unless alternate arrangements are made.

Private Reading


I first met Graham in a Mediumship 101 class he was offering. This class was a life changing event for me. I had always been shy and unsure about mediumship and my abilities. Up to this class, I had always picked “safe” ways to work intuitively with my clients such as through yoga, personal training, coaching, etc. However, Graham’s extensive experience, coupled with his personality, energy and enthusiasm, left me feeling comfortable, encouraged and motivated each week we met. Since mediumship 101, Graham and I often cross paths and with each encounter, I continue to grow and learn more from his gentle and special soul.

“Whether Graham is presenting to a corporation, workshop attendees or one on one, he is a breath of fresh air, full of skill, motivation and experience. Graham is someone with whom you instantly feel “home” with.”

~ Tammy D.